Basic Kickball Rules

A strike is:
  • A pitched ball kicked at and missed. A kicker has up to three (3) strikes before he is out.
  • The strike area is 1 foot to each side of the plate and 1 foot high at the plate
  • Foul Balls never count as a strike.
A foul is:
  • A kicker makes contact with a pitched ball in front of home plate.
  • 4 fouls is an out.
A ball is:
  • A pitch from the pitcher that comes illegally because the pitcher uses a body part other than his/her hands.
  • A pitch that does not come across the strike zone or is higher than 1 foot.
Additional Rules
  • A kicker will also be awarded first base if a fielder, goes in front of the pitcher’s mound before the ball is kicked.
  • All throw outs must be below the waist. Any head shots, the runner will be awarded an extra base, and the player throwing the ball will be warned. If the same player intentionally does it again, the player will be suspended for the remainder of that game.
Any occurrence or instance which is no covered by these rules shall be judged by the umpire according to the A.S.A. Softball Rules and will be added and modified accordingly. 

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